They say that travel changes you, and for me the cliche is definitely true.

Hi, I’m Ellie Cleary. But you probably know that by now! So next…

Fan of long train journeys (especially ones where the windows and doors are still open…), sunshine, yoga, good food and a good view, here’s a little bit of background on my story and how I came to be writing Soul Travel Blog.

Soul Travel Blog Thailand

Snapping away / making instagram stories as usual!

I started working in the travel industry (in hotels to be specific) twelve years ago in London, UK – where I’m from.  In those twelve years my love of all things travel has grown. Seven years ago I moved from hotels to work for an OTA (online travel agency), and to live in beautiful Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I took my first trip outside Europe in 2006 to South East Asia. I spent three months teaching English in Phnom Penh. There, I discovered first hand some of the pitfalls of volunteering, and how travel can have negative (and usually unintended) impacts as well as the good.You can read about my story about my time in Cambodia here.

Fast forward 9 years in an office.

In 2015 I took six months out from work and returned to South East Asia.

thailand soul travel blog

Enjoying the good life in Northern Thailand.

I returned to Amsterdam and to work in January 2016, going back to my full time office job. But I felt like my life had starting falling apart at the seams. I didn’t fit in to a ‘corporate’ work environment anymore. My own vision of travel was very different from the one I saw promoted on a daily basis. Those of you who’ve been on long trips abroad likely know what i’m talking about—the difficulty in coming ‘home’.

My career no longer fitted with my values.  I felt the need to do more, to do something that mattered in a wider sense, and most of all to generate more awareness of responsible travel, sustainable travel and mindful travel. These are the things that Soul Travel Blog looks to address and provide guidance on.

So in June this year I decided to leave my office job. Shortly after, I decided to leave my home in Amsterdam.  I’m now a nomad, working full time on Soul Travel Blog and other sustainable travel initiatives.

I believe that travel offers one of the best opportunities in life, and I feel grateful and privileged to be able to travel. I know that travel is still not open to everyone as it should be. Travel allows us to grow, personally, like few other things do. So it’s for that reason that I want to protect travel.

But the simple facts are that given the current growth rate in traveller numbers and the predictions that there will be 1.8 billion international arrivals by 2030, mean that travel places extreme pressure on our world and our resources, and can have a negative influence on societies and communities too. It’s those things I’m now (and there are many others involved in this too!) address.

My goal through this blog is to explore how it is possible to travel sustainably and mindfully.  To see how, as we all travel around the world, we can have a positive effect and create a positive impact.

Soul Travel Blog’s Mission:

Soul Travel Blog’s Mission is to help spread awareness of all things Responsible & Sustainable Travel related.

I have set up Soul Travel Blog to facilitate discussion on what sustainable and mindful travel are; how we can (all) do it; what some of our key choices are when it comes to travel, and what the benefit of those can be – to both ourselves and the destinations that we visit.

Above all, I believe that travel presents amazing opportunities for self-growth and positive exchange.

Read more about my definition of “What is sustainable Travel” here.

Soul Travel Blog believes that the only future of travel is Sustainable Travel.

I would love to hear from you if you have comments, suggestions or questions, contact me through the contact page of this website.

Thanks for reading, and happy soul travelling!