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My name is Ellie. I’m another wanderer and traveller, trying to make a positive difference along the way. You can find out more about me and the mission of Soul Travel Blog here.

Soul Travel Blog is a responsible travel blog, documenting my journey where I try to travel responsibly, and sharing what I learn along the way. Here we’re all about making travel sustainable in a way that is easy for us as travellers. You can get started by reading my latest blog posts or visiting my Sustainable Travel resources section. Happy reading!

July Summary & August Travel Plans.

This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog.Recapping July.I finally made it to Iran! I wrote back in February about wanting to visit this beautiful country most of all this year, and after...
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Getting an Iran Visa at the Iranian Embassy in London.

Getting an Iranian Visa in London, UK (2017).  This information was correct as of June 2017 and is reflective of my experience only. Please check for the current requirements, costs and procedures on the UK Iranian Embassy's Website.  Iran is many things. A country...
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Why Travel to Iran?!

Why travel to Iran? For a country crippled by the West, Iran is starting to open up. Travellers may now just be its golden ticket.

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The “Digital Nomad Life”: A Review, One Year In.

Beyond indulging myself in nostalgic ramblings in this post, my hope is that it will help anyone thinking about taking the plunge into full-time blogging or freelancing, and that it will give a perspective that this time last year, I did not see.  Disclaimer: The aim...
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Discovering the Vineyards of Northern Spain on a Road Trip.

Thank you to Wine Tourism Spain for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed on Soul Travel Blog are my own. All images are courtesy of Wine Tourism Spain. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself of how many...
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Finding Soul in Rishikesh, India.

Experiencing an Ashram in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.  In hindsight, it seems only fitting that the final stop on my Indian journey (this time at least) was Rishikesh. I've come to realise that part of what draws me back to India is that it is a country full of - and...
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May Summary & June Travel Plans.

(Main Post image c.Flickr/Simon Hammond) This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog. Recapping May. My passport is looking seriously dusty. It hasn't been moved since March when I went for a...
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How to Get Off the Beaten Track in Rajasthan, India.

This post is written to accompany my talk at Immersion Travel Magazine's Sustainable Travel Summit, taking place between 1-4 June, 2017. For more info or to sign up for the conference - which is 100% free and online - click here!  Things to do in Rajasthan, India. ...
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Review: Luxury & Sustainability at One Aldwych, London.

One Aldwych London Hotel Review. There's nothing quite like a hotel that not only looks good, offers high end service, an amazing location, the type of crisp bed-linnen you want to curl up in (the list goes on) and actually does good too. Since I arrived back in...
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Where Wouldn’t You Visit in the World?

Would you Go To Zimbabwe? Last week it was announced that TBEX - one of the largest conventions for Travel Bloggers and Travel Brands, attracting around 500 attendees per pop, would be hosting their 2018 International Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. Yep, Zimbabwe. The...
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April Summary & May Travel Plans.

This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog. Recapping April.  Somehow it always felt a lot easier to write monthly recaps when I was constantly on-the-move. Because the truth is, isn't it...
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Review: Staying at London’s Greenest Hotel.

When the opportunity to stay at "London's Greenest Hotel" comes along, it's not something to be passed up easily. On my travels around the UK, Europe and Asia I've had the chance to stay at a number of eco lodges, accommodations working hard towards sustainability,...
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How to Tread Lightly: Earth Day Inspired Responsible Travel.

Wandering between cacti, gazing up at the ever brooding Mehrangarh Fort and down to the reservoir below that glittered in the afternoon sun, I basically had the place to myself. The paths took me through gulleys filled with rockeries and desert flowers, and back up to...
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Is Solo Female Train Travel in India Safe?

One of my favourite things about India is the train travel.  Planning a trip to India as a (solo) female traveller there are plenty of articles and blog posts out there about safety tips for women. What I couldn't find much information on, however, was train travel...
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What you Need to Know to Plan Train Travel in India.

Those who've been to India will know. Unlike other countries, train travel in India is many things. But being 'turn-up-and-go' is definitely not one of them, especially not for foreigners.   I tend to subscribe to the saying that you haven't been to India (let alone...
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