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Hi! We’re Ellie and Ravi, a travel-loving couple wandering along the world and trying to make a positive difference along the way.  You can find out more about us and how we came to be writing this blog here.

Soul Travel Blog is a responsible travel blog, sharing stories from our journeys where we try to travel as sustainably as possible. You’ll find us exploring off the beaten path, or on it, looking for mindful travel solutions. Our goal is to make responsible travel easy.

Are you ready to discover the most exciting and sustainable places to visit in the world? Get started on the blog!

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Moving Continents: How we Ended Up in Toronto, Canada!

In a (partly) unexpected pivot of life, we found ourselves moving across oceans this summer to Toronto, Canada our new home. Here's the back story to what brought us to Canada and a little advice for those considering moving to Toronto too. Plus.. what's next for us!...

Transformational Travel: In Search of Something in Costa Rica.

It’s not everyday your inbox delivers an invitation to explore the concept of Transformational Travel – in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, no less. And so, with the promise of Adventure and perhaps Transformation,

Responsible Travel in Goa: Is It “Too Late” to Visit??

Once a hippy-paradise with swaying palms and the occasional coco-hut, Goa is one of India's highlights. Over recent years, though it has become a victim of its own success, and we'd heard many reports saying that Goa had been ruined by over tourism and over...

Visiting Iraq al Amir Womens’ Cooperative in Jordan.

Visiting Iraq al Amir womens’ cooperative is a chance to see rural life in Jordan and support this inspiring project in the beautiful Wadi Seer valley just 45 minutes away from Amman

Why you Should Visit Northern Jordan.

We’d come to Pella – a small and remote village in the north of Jordan to stay at Beit-al-Fannan, the House of the Artist. Over the next two days we’d spend time at both Pella and a small town called Umm Qais, getting a bit more familiar with Jordanian culture and hospitality, and learning about

The Best of Responsible Travel in Kerala: A Guide.

Planning a trip to Kerala and want the best places to see and stay? Our guide to ecotourism in Kerala covers the best of responsible travel in Kerala and much more

The Maitree Express: Kolkata to Dhaka by Train.

Travelling from Kolkata to Dhaka by train on the Maitree Express: what you need to know. Maitree express schedule, pricing, how to buy a ticket and everything you need to travel from India to Bangladesh by train.

Exploring Uphill Kerala: Thekkady & Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Thinking of visiting Periyar and looking for things to do in Thekkady, Kerala? Our stay at Spice Village resort was an example of responsible tourism in Periyar

How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint while Travelling.

When it comes to making travel more environmentally sustainable, and low carbon travel, this much is true: Carbon Emissions continue to rise. So, what can we do to clean up our travel-act? Here are some of our top tips for low-carbon-footprint travel.

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Responsible Travel Ideas

some of our favourites

Best Places for Eco Friendly Travel in The Philippines.

The Smallprint: Some of the organisations mentioned in this post hosted me or gave me a discount. As always, the stories, experiences and opinions expressed here are purely my own. This post contains affiliate links. For more information on affiliates and what type of...

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Why Travel to Iran?!

Why travel to Iran? For a country crippled by the West, Iran is starting to open up. Travellers may now just be its golden ticket.

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What you Need to Know to Plan Train Travel in India.

Those who've been to India will know. Unlike other countries, train travel in India is many things. But being 'turn-up-and-go' is definitely not one of them, especially not for foreigners. I tend to subscribe to the saying that you haven't been to India (let alone...

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Freedom Re-found: Walking the Elephants Home.

I woke up early to the sounds of trumpeting mixed in with calls of the resident roosters from my village homestay. The elephants had come up to the village from the forest---something they don't normally do. But today, they had an appointment: with the vet. I'd come...

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Night Train to… The Scottish Highlands.

The London to Fort William Sleeper. The Scottish Highlands have always held a mystical appeal to me. And in my book---there's no better way to travel than to fall asleep in the suburbs of London, muggy in the august heat, and waking up to the fresh air of the Scottish...

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