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A Guide to the Best Eco Lodges in Costa Rica by Region

There are few countries in the world that conjure a stronger image of ecotourism, perhaps, than Costa Rica. Our guide to Costa Rica eco lodges and sustainable accommodation is all you need to find the right accommodation in Costa Rica for the (sustainable) trip of a lifetime!

How to be a Positive Impact Traveller in 2019.

Positive Impact Travel is travel that is enriching for the traveller as well as for the people of the host country / destination, as well as doing as little harm as possible environmentally. Positive Impact Travel is the enabler of possibility, supporter of local initiatives, and gives voice to the stories of a place that are less heard. Here’s how you can get involved!

How to Help Protect Endangered Wildlife Through Travel.

A recent report by the WWF showed that shockingly, wildlife populations have declined by as much as 60% since 1970. In this article we look at what role tourism has to play – and if indeed travel can be compatible – with conservation of endangered species. Read on for tips on how to support wildlife protection on your travels and for finding the best wildlife holidays that are responsible.

Moving Continents: How we Ended Up in Toronto, Canada!

In a (partly) unexpected pivot of life, we found ourselves moving across oceans this summer to Toronto, Canada our new home. Here's the back story to what brought us to Canada and a little advice for those considering moving to Toronto too. Plus.. what's next for us!...

Transformational Travel: In Search of Something in Costa Rica.

It’s not everyday your inbox delivers an invitation to explore the concept of Transformational Travel – in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, no less. And so, with the promise of Adventure and perhaps Transformation,

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Welcome to Soul Travel Blog!

Hi! We’re Ellie and Ravi, a travel-loving couple wandering along the world and trying to make a positive difference along the way.  You can find out more about us and how we came to be writing this blog here.

Soul Travel Blog is a responsible travel blog, sharing stories from our journeys where we try to travel as sustainably as possible. You’ll find us exploring off the beaten path, or on it, looking for mindful travel solutions. Our goal is to make responsible travel easy.

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Why Travel to Iran?!

Why travel to Iran? For a country crippled by the West, Iran is starting to open up. Travellers may now just be its golden ticket.

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Freedom Re-found: Walking the Elephants Home.

I woke up early to the sounds of trumpeting mixed in with calls of the resident roosters from my village homestay. The elephants had come up to the village from the forest---something they don't normally do. But today, they had an appointment: with the vet. I'd come...

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Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Beaches, Jungle and Tea Country.

This post contains compensated links. For more info, please see our Editorial Policy and our Privacy Policy.  Just the rails, glinting in the afternoon sun, a jagged slither of sand, and the crashing sea.  For miles and miles along the coast. That's one of my lasting...

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