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My name is Ellie. I’m another wanderer and traveller, trying to make a positive difference along the way. You can find out more about me and the mission of Soul Travel Blog here.

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Review: Staying at London’s Greenest Hotel.

When the opportunity to stay at "London's Greenest Hotel" comes along, it's not something to be passed up easily. On my travels around the UK, Europe and Asia I've had the chance to stay at a number of eco lodges, accommodations working hard towards sustainability,...
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How to Tread Lightly: Earth Day Inspired Responsible Travel.

Wandering between cacti, gazing up at the ever brooding Mehrangarh Fort and down to the reservoir below that glittered in the afternoon sun, I basically had the place to myself. The paths took me through gulleys filled with rockeries and desert flowers, and back up to...
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Is Solo Female Train Travel in India Safe?

One of my favourite things about India is the train travel.  Planning a trip to India as a (solo) female traveller there are plenty of articles and blog posts out there about safety tips for women. What I couldn't find much information on, however, was train travel...
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What you Need to Know to Plan Train Travel in India.

Those who've been to India will know. Unlike other countries, train travel in India is many things. But being 'turn-up-and-go' is definitely not one of them, especially not for foreigners.   I tend to subscribe to the saying that you haven't been to India (let alone...
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Night Train to… The Land of Kings.

For me there’s something inescapably romantic about the names of the train routes in India.

Regardless of the reality of a long journey, it’s far more tempting to get swept away by names like the “Island Express”, the

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March Summary & April Travel Plans.

This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog. Recapping March.

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Rajasthan: An Ethical Travel Guide.

Ethical Travel in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a true state of contrasts. From desert scrub to holy lakes, one thing that is hard to grasp for the first-time (or even repeat) visitor is the sheer size of the place. I was fortunate enough to have three weeks to explore the...
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Discovering the Real Desert in Rajasthan.

Sand and sun stretched before me, as far as my eyes could see. Dotted with huts, buildings and endless scrub, I'd left any romantic visions of mountainous sand dunes and empty desert at home. After all, this is India and not Arabia. Spotless and dramatic sand dunes...
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Chandelao Garh: Staying in a Rajasthani Village. 

Chandelao Garh is the home of former generals of Marwar (as the region of Jodphur, Rajasthan, was once known). The main part of the house was built in 1744 and has been well looked after to retain its charm and beauty.

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February Summary & March Travel Plans

This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog. Recapping February.  February has been a month of contrasts in more than one sense. Contrasts of deserts to mountains, contrasts of the worst vs the...
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Finding Sustainable Places to Stay.

The quest of finding sustainable accommodation, eco-friendly places to stay, or a "green hotel" can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  The challenge can begin with knowing what to look for. Do I google "Sustainable Hotels", "Eco friendly Hotels"...
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Should I Visit Dharavi Slum in Mumbai?

“City tour, see outdoor laundry, slum tour??” Were the cries of hopeful / would be travel agents that greeted me on my recent wanderings around Mumbai. There are a few parts of the world that seem to have become famous for the insights that they offer into the living...
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The Rise of Sustainable Hotels in Mumbai?

India, and her biggest city at that, may not seem like the obvious choice for sustainable travel, or for sustainable hotels. Finding sustainable hotels in Mumbai might sound like an unlikely prospect. India certainly has challenges with the state of her environment...
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The Places I can’t not Visit in 2017.

Soul Travel Blog is not a political blog. And yet now, more than ever, when we travel we can't escape politics. The two topics are knotted messily together, impacting the innocent or curious traveller. One of my strongest motivators for starting this blog, and for my...
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January Summary and February Travel Plans.

This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog. Recapping January.  I left the sunny (and tragically overdeveloped) beaches of Vietnam in the first week of January and made my way to India---where...
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