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Hi! We’re Ellie and Ravi, a travel-loving couple wandering along the world and trying to make a positive difference along the way.  You can find out more about us and how we came to be writing this blog here.

Soul Travel Blog is a responsible travel blog, sharing stories from our journeys where we try to travel as sustainably as possible. You’ll find us exploring off the beaten path, or on it, looking for mindful travel solutions. Our goal is to make responsible travel easy.

Are you ready to discover the most exciting and sustainable places to visit in the world? Get started on the blog!

Perfect 2 Week Sri Lanka Itinerary (or Longer!) + Sustainable Travel Tips

Sri Lanka has been getting much attention of late, and for good reason. This previously tumultuous land is now peaceful, welcoming, good-value and most importantly: Home to some of the most stunning landscapes and friendly people. Welcome to bite-sized South Asia – an Island guaranteed to give you a sweet taste of the dazzling subcontinent. 

Top Female Travel Experiences (That Empower Women Around the World)

Tourism offers a unique opportunity to connect women around the world – with community based, sustainable tourism providing a real opportunity for women in rural, patriarchal societies to gain a greater sense of purpose, grow, become economically independent and connect with travellers around the world.

7 of Our Favourite Things to in Amman (+ Where to Stay)

Amman was one of the highlights on our Jordan route. Despite being a bustling city, it is not overwhelming, and there are plenty of things to do in Amman. From history to culture, to shopping and cafe culture, Amman’s highlight has got to be the Ammanis themselves.

Zero Waste Travel: How to be a Plastic-Free Traveller.

Zero waste travel might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it certainly is possible to practice plastic free travel – with a bit of know how! Here are our favourite plastic free travel hacks to help you travel more sustainably.

Why in the Age of Overtourism, it’s More Important than Ever to Travel.

Solutions to overtourism are complex, but we believe that the answer is not to stop travelling. In fact responsible travel can help solve many of the problems of overtourism by

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Why Travel to Iran?!

Why travel to Iran? For a country crippled by the West, Iran is starting to open up. Travellers may now just be its golden ticket.

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Freedom Re-found: Walking the Elephants Home.

I woke up early to the sounds of trumpeting mixed in with calls of the resident roosters from my village homestay. The elephants had come up to the village from the forest---something they don't normally do. But today, they had an appointment: with the vet. I'd come...

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Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Beaches, Jungle and Tea Country.

This post contains compensated links. For more info, please see our Editorial Policy and our Privacy Policy.  Just the rails, glinting in the afternoon sun, a jagged slither of sand, and the crashing sea.  For miles and miles along the coast. That's one of my lasting...

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