Perfect 2 Week Sri Lanka Itinerary (or Longer!) + Sustainable Travel Tips

highlands of sri lanka

Sri Lanka has been getting much attention of late, and for good reason. This previously tumultuous land is now peaceful, welcoming, good-value and most importantly: Home to some of the most stunning landscapes and friendly people. Welcome to bite-sized South Asia – an Island guaranteed to give you a sweet taste of the dazzling subcontinent. 

How to Help Protect Endangered Wildlife Through Travel.

best wildlife tours that are responsible too

A recent report by the WWF showed that shockingly, wildlife populations have declined by as much as 60% since 1970. In this article we look at what role tourism has to play – and if indeed travel can be compatible – with conservation of endangered species. Read on for tips on how to support wildlife protection on your travels and for finding the best wildlife holidays that are responsible.