5 of our Favourite Walks in England.

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We love to get outdoors and enjoy a good country view – so our favourite walks in England are designed to do just do that! From the Lake District to the dramatic coastal stretches of southern England, these walks celebrate the best of the English countryside.

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Why you Should Visit Northern Jordan.

travel in Pella Jordan

We’d come to Pella – a small and remote village in the north of Jordan to stay at Beit-al-Fannan, the House of the Artist. Over the next two days we’d spend time at both Pella and a small town called Umm Qais, getting a bit more familiar with Jordanian culture and hospitality, and learning about

The Year of Sustainable Tourism is Over. Now What?

What’s Next for Sustainable Tourism in 2018? Tagged #IY2017, 2017 was named the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. The growing realisation that the world cannot cope with the projected growth in tourism (in its current form) saw an awareness campaign lead by the UN World Tourism Organisation and sustainable tourism businesses around the world. 2017 … Read more

Best Places for Eco Friendly Travel in The Philippines.

eco friendly travel philippines

The Smallprint: Some of the organisations mentioned in this post hosted me or gave me a discount. As always, the stories, experiences and opinions expressed here are purely my own. This post contains affiliate links. For more information on affiliates and what type of organisations I collaborate with, please read my Editorial Policy. Eco Tourism … Read more