Reverie Siam Resort, Pai: The Ultimate Chill Out Spot.

Eco friendly places to stay Pai Thailand

“It’s next to the gramophone!” It’s not exactly a sentence that is often helpful while travelling around Asia. Welcome to Reverie Siam Resort in Pai. A resort styled on the roaring twenties, that somehow seamlessly blends jazz into the rolling hills of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. Pai may be famous for its hippie laid-back … Read more

What Happens when Responsible Travel Goes Wrong?

How to avoid unethical elephant attractions chiang mai

Editorial Disclosure: Visit.Org hosted me on this experience, as part of my role in their Ambassador programme. As always, all expressed here are my own and represent the views of Soul Travel Blog. This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what type of organisations I work with and on affiliates, you can read … Read more

Off the Beaten Track in Manila: 3 Experiences that Changed my Perspective.

off the beaten track Manila

Preconceptions of Travel in Manila.  ‘Manila’ never used to conjure up the most positive of images in my head. Mention ‘Manila’ and we build up images of a city choked with traffic, rife with crime and essentially a concrete jungle that is not known as the safest place in the world to travel.  Government travel advisories and … Read more

Slovenia Itinerary: The Best of Slovenia in Two Weeks (or less!).

Slovenia Itinerary two weeks in Slovenia and eco friendly travel in Slovenia

The Smallprint: I’d like to thank the Slovenian tourism board for hosting my trip to Slovenia. As always, the stories, experiences and opinions expressed here are purely my own. This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what type of organisations I collaborate with, please read my Editorial Policy. Slovenia Itinerary: Two Weeks of … Read more

50 Shades of Green: Ljubljana Travel Guide.

responsible travel Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Travel Guide When you’re in the Responsible Travel world, the word ‘Green’ is one that pops up frequently throughout any day. Conjure images of people sitting around on benches smoking ‘herbs’— but of course I’m instead referring to Green Travel—another term sometimes used for Responsible or Sustainable Travel. I recently attended the Green Destinations Day … Read more

Surfing in Portugal for Beginners (DreamSea Surf Camp Review & Tips)

Surfing in Portugal for Beginners A few hours of researching later I’d found out that Portugal is a world-class destination for surfing, with world class waves. Which sounded a little scary for beginners like me. As appealing as the surf scene of Peniche and it’s record-bashing waves sounded, I was in search of a more … Read more

Discovering Self Sufficiency at an Eco Yoga Retreat in Scotland.

Discovering Eco Yoga in Scotland. Arriving at Inverliever Lodge, Scotland, home of ecoYoga, what I expected was a beginner’s course in Ashtanga yoga. What I didn’t expect was to experience an eco yoga retreat in the truest sense: an inspiring example of sustainability and self sufficiency, in many different ways. Nestled away in a beautiful … Read more

Venice and the Tide of Tourism.

The obligatory question: Is it sinking? Venice, as we all know, has been sinking—for many years.  But that is not solely due to the weight of visitor footsteps on its ancient lanes and bridges. Venice floods around 100 times each winter, and is estimated to be sinking at the rate of 2mm per year. As … Read more