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How to Find the Best Nature Cabins in Sweden with Nature House

by Ellie Cleary

The perfect way to get outdoors in Sweden is by renting a cabin in Sweden to enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature that the country is well known for, slow down, and enjoy some omtanke.

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Why Stay in a Cabin in Sweden?

Sweden is well known for its great outdoors and beautiful nature. And although forestry is important to Sweden as an industry, it is one of the only countries in the world to buck the trend of de-forestation and actually plant more trees every year than it cuts down.

Forests cover 57% of Sweden, making getting out into the woods and enjoying them an essential part of any visit to Sweden, and how better than by staying in a cabin or house in the middle of nature for some forest bathing or chilling out.

We teamed up with our friends at (known as Natuurhuisje in their home country of the Netherlands) to find out their tips for staying in a cabin and how choosing to stay in a sustainable house in the middle of nature can help the environment, too!

Log cabins in Sweden
There are many cabins along Sweden’s beautiful lakes (Image c. Adventure holidays in nature that help us save the planet

Have you always longed for a trip in nature, away from the crowds and mass tourism? Dutch company –, offers beautiful homes in the natural world, where you can live out your dream holiday completely away from the craziness of the big city.

For all the nature lovers, here’s the best news: plants a tree for every night you booked on their platform, and every newsletter subscription as well. A substantial part of all the accommodation on their website is sustainable, which also contributes to a greener life. The company has managed to compensate the CO2 emissions of more than half of all stays in 2018, making a small but significant step in the fight against climate change and more sustainable travel.

Nature cabin in sweden
Camping under starry skies in Sweden (Image c.

Nature Houses & Cabins in Sweden has some beautiful accommodations in Sweden. You can find typical wooden cottages in the Southern, Central, and Northern regions of the country. There are also a few very unique homes – treehouses above the ground and even a glass house on the water.

To get closer with the locals, rent a farm or a country house. The themes in nature offer you the possibility to choose your perfect natural surrounding for your holiday, whether it’s homes by the water or near the sea, a secluded house deep in the woods, or in the mountain regions. You can stay in a bungalow with a veranda in front, where you can have your Swedish “Fika” break (a hot coffee and cinnamon bun!) while surveying the countryside around you.

Cabins in Swedish Lapland
You can even stay in Sweden’s cabins in the snow! (Image c.

Why is this concept so important for our life on Earth? 

Much of the wildlife on Earth is endangered, the biodiversity is severely threatened, and the at risk numbers are constantly increasing. If you look at research on the topic of sustainability, you’ll discover that planting trees is one of the most effective and efficient ways to stop climate change, and is a key part of any solution to protecting the planet. are now working hard to reach their goal of planting 1 million trees by 2021.

The countries where trees are planted are chosen carefully, looking at where the new trees have the greatest impact on the ecosystem and climate change. These are all African countries, namely Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and the 4th biggest island on Earth – Madagascar. These places, where the flora and fauna is threatened, will benefit the most because planting trees will ensure the biodiversity is kept alive and even enriched. This is also where the new trees will have the greatest impact on CO2 reduction.

Another positive outcome is that the initiative supports the local economy by creating jobs for the local population. This way people can send their children back to school. The last project of is especially connected to protecting the living environments of the birds that migrate to the African continent to find shelter and food. Why the migrating birds?

The founders of – Tim & Luuk, are two brothers who share a passion for bird watching. In 2009 Tim & Luuk decided to go to Extremadura, Spain for bird watching, but they couldn’t find a suitable accommodation outside the packed holiday parks. In the end they decided to find a way to fill the missing peace in the market and this is how was born.

Cottages in Sweden
Cosy interiors and lake views to wake up to (Image c.

The experience you get with

When you stay in a home in the natural world you get the most out of your break. Away from the packed holiday parks, noisy cities and technology, it’s the perfect getaway.

In nature you easily forget about your daily struggles and unplug from the hustle and bustle life. It’s your chance to reconnect with your inner self, find peace, and steer your life in a more positive direction. Once you stop focusing on what troubles you, you can finally start enjoying the small things in life. And, thanks to’s environmental efforts, you make a contribution for the conservation of nature, which makes your holiday even more meaningful. feature a range of accommodations, from holiday villas, to unique treehouses, yurts and bungalows, suitable for a range of budgets. You will find accommodations that differ in their level of luxury. Rent a primitive cabin with only the necessary facilities, or a spacious villa with private swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi.

Since their mission is to connect people with nature, they are doing the best to eliminate the distraction from the outside world. If you need some time to disconnect with your usual environment completely, you can choose to stay in a house without a Wi-fi connection. This way you can focus on yourself and the beauty of nature. There are so many activities to be taken advantage of: Meditation in the most peaceful surroundings, observing wild animals from your cottage or cabin, walking around verdant meadows and rolling hills, hiking through the woods.

Start your escape in nature today by finding your cabin or cottage on Nature.House.

Have you stayed in the forests and woods of Sweden? Let us know in the comments below!

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