Editorial Policy

Soul Travel Blog’s Editorial Policy:

In travel journalism / blogging, FAM trips where bloggers are hosted for free or paid for their coverage (blog posts) and/or social media are a standard part of doing business.

Because of this, we believe it’s more important than ever to be transparent about what is what.  Readers have the right to know what has been sponsored or paid for by another party and what hasn’t been.

The aim of Soul Travel Blog is to make responsible travel easy, and that mission is reflected in the companies that we choose to work with and recommend to readers.

On Soul Travel Blog, you can always count on the following:

  • Everything you see is my own, including images (unless clearly marked otherwise) and we own the copyright. All rights are reserved and any copyright infringements will not be tolerated. Where third party images are used, they have a creative commons license where the owner allows them to be used (without modification) by other sites.
  • We sometimes accept invitations from companies who are practise / promote responsible tourism and I am sometimes hosted (free of charge) or paid by them for our work. We only partner with brands, organisations or accommodations that match Soul Travel Blog’s principles: e.g. a partner must be committed to responsible travel.
  • Posts that we write as the result of being hosted or are sponsored by another party will be clearly marked as a Sponsored Post, or that we have been Hosted at the beginning or end of the blog post. Where you don’t see anything, it means that we have travelled independently and covered our own expenses.
  • Regardless of whether content has been sponsored or not, our experiences, thoughts and words are always my own and we will provide the reader with my honest opinion about a place to stay, a destination, or a product. 


  • On Soul Travel Blog we work with a number of affiliates, and affiliate links are used in blog posts and throughout the site. We use affiliate links for products we believe in, recommend and use ourselves.
  • Affiliate links are compensated links, and offer us a small percentage of commission on sales (or sometimes per click-through) if you choose to buy something through the link (or occasionally, we are compensated just for the click).
  • Most importantly – If you choose to support us by purchasing something through one of my affiliate links, it does not cost anything extra to you. Affiliate programs bring us in some small income that we use as compensation for our time spent on this website, or perhaps the odd glass of wine. They won’t be funding our retirement just yet ;-).

Thanks for reading & supporting Soul Travel blog!