How to stay healthy while travelling

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

by Ellie Cleary

We all want to travel, however there is a downside to travel which doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should. Maintaining a healthy traveling lifestyle can be stressful, and many of the traditional medicine systems suggest that in fact it is better for our bodies to maintain a rhythm and set routine at home, and that travel can upset our health. 

Days or weeks on a road trip, on and off planes adventures can wreak havoc on your body health. Changes of food, new environments, less comfort and general over-stimulation can be exhausting for the body. 

Our bodies’ reactions differ a lot towards adapting to new climate changes. But not all trips you have should end in sickness or cancellation. You need to embrace a fully working body and mind. Berkey water filters contacted us about research they have compiled, as well as a list of ways to stay healthy while having an adventure.

Here are some of the top ways to keep your health in check while travelling.

1. Carry Enough Water.

It is simple as it sounds; keeping your body hydrated can make a massive difference to your overall body health. Your body dehydrates more when on flights or at high temperatures. When traveling, ensure you carry an extra bottle of water and drink water frequently. There are so many benefits of drinking water other than hydrating your body.

  • Flushes out toxin from the body
  • Highly boosts your body metabolism
  • Balances your lymph system

Note: choose a reusable bottle or flask when carrying your packed water. It helps save our environment from plastic waste. Travel more and keep your environment healthy by not adding plastic waste.

2. Daily Workouts

While traveling, set aside your workout hours, never take a vacation from exercise. If you have a workout routine, ensure you keep up with the practice to promote healthy travel. Daily exercising helps you maintain your weight, energy levels and helps you stay fit always. Besides, proper exercising promotes better sleep during trips. Make your day-to-day performance with at least one activity. Several bodyweight exercises require no equipment and minimal spaces. They include:

  • Squats help your glutes and lunge with proper blood flow.
  • Side planks
  • Snowboard Hop Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Forearm Plank

3. Sleep Enough

Traveling is all about having fun. But do you know you need enough sleep when physically traveling? It is crucial to have resting hours that will make your body regenerate more energy physically and mentally. You may wonder how much is enough? Resting for six to eight hours in a day is more than enough before recommencing your traveling. Keep your regular sleeping hours. Don’t let a change in time zone disrupt your sleeping schedule, and do yourself a favour and get some good sleep.

4. Do Yoga

Whatever your lifestyle, to stay healthy on a business trip or adventure, your body requires emotional health. The reality is, doing yoga helps in enhancing your daily life by revitalizing your immune system. Doing yoga takes a little bit of your time. It provides additional fitness mostly for females on road trips or work-related trips. Yoga can help in so many ways, and here are some benefits of doing yoga when having an adventure.

  • Postures help to relieve the spine after a long trip sitting in a train, car, or planes
  • Yoga is the right treatment for a grounded mental state
  • Combat jet lag
  • Helps travelers de-stress
  • It reawakens your whole body and eases your muscles

You can get inspired with our top eco friendly & sustainable yoga retreats here.

5. Be Cautious with Street Foods

Our bodies react differently from what we take, and every traveler has a tale of a delicious street meal that went wrong. There are times things go wrong, and you end up sick like a dog. It is good to scrutinize the vendor before buying anything and observe how people flow for the commodities sold. Is the place clean? Do you feel hungry? Those are some of the few questions you should get to answer yourself before eating.

You can read our guide to avoiding Delhi belly in India here! 

6. Avoid Skipping Meals

When traveling, have the option of renting an apartment on Airbnb for privacy and having to cook your favorite meals by yourself. You also get to choose a healthy meal that can also save you money. Eat more fruits in between meals, and try preparing foreign foods you find amazing. There are ready recipes for indigenous food accessible through the internet.

7. Pack Enough for the Trip

We always have an idea of where we are heading. As a traveler, you need to do extensive research on the destination. Read more on what you need and list them down as you close check your trip package. It is essential to search for health information and facilities available in the location. It is also good to inquire for recommendations from travelers who have been in the place.


With a little effort and small adjustments to your travel style, travel doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Today, health and fitness are vital in every engaging event. Don’t fall victim to hating your adventurous experience due to petty reasons for inadequate measures and preparedness. The above tips will help you stay fit, healthy and safe while exploring new environments across the globe.

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