Responsible Travel in Goa: Is It “Too Late” to Visit??

Once a hippy-paradise with swaying palms and the occasional coco-hut, Goa is one of India's highlights. Over recent years, though it has become a victim of its own success, and we'd heard many reports saying that Goa had been ruined by over tourism and over...

The Maitree Express: Kolkata to Dhaka by Train.

Travelling from Kolkata to Dhaka by train on the Maitree Express: what you need to know. Maitree express schedule, pricing, how to buy a ticket and everything you need to travel from India to Bangladesh by train.

7 Easy Tips for Responsible Travel in Ladakh.

Why the need for responsible travel in Ladakh? What used to be the preserve of the most intrepid traveller is much more accessible than it was. The increase in tourism of recent years is putting a new level of pressure on Ladakh and her resources. This beautiful mountain desert is open and safe for all, but in order to

Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Beaches, Jungle and Tea Country.

This post contains compensated links. For more info, please see our Editorial Policy and our Privacy Policy.  Just the rails, glinting in the afternoon sun, a jagged slither of sand, and the crashing sea.  For miles and miles along the coast. That's one of my lasting...

Soul and Surfing in Sri Lanka.

I've always loved that popular expression about cycling - that in order to keep our balance, we have to keep moving. The same could be said of many things I guess, but for me none more so than of surfing, which I discovered for a week last November against the...