Iran Travel Blogs

If travel is fatal to prejudice, then a trip to Iran might just be a nail in its coffin. Welcome to Iran: the country that will not only take your breath away, but perhaps also show you how wrong our pre-judgements can be.

Yes, the visas can be a bit pesky (don’t worry we’ve got you covered in our How to Travel to Iran for Americans, Brits and Canadians article) but in our humble opinion the paperwork is well worth it.

Home to dazzling mosques and minarets, Sufi shrines, landscaped gardens, as well as mile after mile of desert, perhaps most importantly, Iran is home to some of the friendliest, sophisticated and charming people you’ll ever meet. Far from being a ‘hotbed of terror’ your biggest concern here is how to handle all the invitations for dinner you’ll be getting. Travel in Iran is an eyeopener – and especially now, your trip there can really make a difference.