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Recapping July.

I finally made it to Iran! I wrote back in February about wanting to visit this beautiful country most of all this year, and after months of planning and plotting, I’m so glad it finally happened… Iran was every bit the experience I hoped it to be. I got to explore Iran for 2 weeks with G Adventures on their Discover Persia tour. Part of the reason this trip took many months to organise was the paperwork hurdles for Brits (and Americans and Canadians) to enter to Iran and the need to do so as part of a tour. You can read about my experiences of getting a visa here!

Soul Travel Blog July Summary

The Fin Gardens in Kashan, Iran.

Where I’ve been in July.

I began July back in London enjoying the best of British summer (it actually was sunny and warm) before packing my bags for Iran. I had the opportunity to get to know some parts of London better – before I headed off – with the help of Context Travel – who offer tours of London with a difference – using experts in their fields and highly knowledgeable locals. I got to explore “legal London” with them and picked up some great bits of legal trivia. As well as getting to peak inside the Royal Courts of Justice. I also got to take refuge from my packing chaos in my favourite part of London, at the Bermondsey Square Hotel. After my 2 weeks in Iran were up all too soon, I headed back to India – this time to the Himalayas, with a quick pitstop in Delhi. I’ve been in Ladakh for the last 10 days – doing a mixture of trekking, digging into sustainable tourism and learning more about Ladakhi culture. This region of India really is worlds apart from other parts of the sub continent.

Soul Travel Blog July Summary

Coming back to India to enjoy an amazing home-made Thali thanks to Authenticook.

July Highlight.

Relaxing in the mountains of Iran. I went to Iran expecting culture, tasty food, a warm welcome, and the most amazing mosques – but I did not expect the mountains. Especially not the type of mountains that make you feel like you’re staying in a hill station or alpine resort. Abyaneh – the mountain retreat I visited on my trip – simply took my breath away.

July not-so-Highlight.

Frazzled nerves and a stressed bank account from my last minute Iranian visa processing. Due to changing rules and lack of predictability, I only got my visa 5 days before I was due to leave for Iran and had to spend an extra 100 pounds for rush-processing of it. It’s the most expensive tourist visa I’ve heard of, but needless to say it was worth the money and stress.

Soul Travel Blog July Summary

The mountains of Abyaneh, Iran…

July Blog Posts.

Other July Posts.

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Instagram Post of the Month.

The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Yazd, Central Iran!


Despite their beauty, it’s not all about mosques in Iran. These are the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, just outside of Yazd in southern Iran. Silence? Silent as the grave actually. These towers in the distance were used as a place for the dead, either as a grave or for carrion birds to feed on the bodies of the dead while the corpses decayed. This Zoroastrian religious practice was outlawed last century as Islam speaks against any burial practice which disfigures the body. Those who still follow the Zoroastrian religion today favour cremation or a more simple burial. Fortunately, today, there are no decaying corpses, only beautiful stone buildings and wonderful views of Yazd from the top! #soultravelblog #gadv

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Where Next?

I’m continuing my time in India for the coming couple of weeks, and will be travelling west to Kutch in Gujarat, to learn about community & responsible tourism projects that have been set up there. After that I’ll be passing through Mumbai and heading back to the UK. As usual I’ll be sharing my travels with you in my blog posts and on Facebook and Instagram.

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