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This is my monthly summary post with high points of the month, not-so-high-points and what’s next for Soul Travel Blog.

Recapping May.

My passport is looking seriously dusty.

It hasn’t been moved since March when I went for a quick jaunt / part clear-out of my storage unit mission to Amsterdam. And on top of that I’m now the proud owner of two passports – my Irish passport arrived just today. I feel very lucky that one of my parents happens to be Irish-born which has allowed me to apply for citizenship of a country that will be remaining in the EU after the UK leaves.

Although I’m an advocate of travel, I’m also an advocate of awareness that the value of ones passport impacts our ability to travel (or otherwise) a huge amount. And I will never take my having a passport – or a passport that allows visa free access to many countries – for granted.

The dust on my passport has also caused me to realise that that dust also means my carbon footprint (by not flying) is also probably the lowest its been in the last few years. Which is no bad thing.

May Summary Soul Travel Blog

The view from near London Bridge.

I also turned a year older this month, and celebrated my 34th birthday! Frankly, it feels a little scary to be one year away from 35, but I’m so grateful for how my life has changed over the last year and for all the amazing people I’ve met. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

I started this post yesterday and in the meantime woke up this morning to the news about the attacks on London Bridge. It’s one of my favourite parts of London so this time, it hit a little close to home. Londoners are very resilient creatures, but it feels at the moment as if the world is being tested on so many different fronts. From denial of climate change (which is already having very real consequences on some parts of the world) to disillusioned souls who become fanatics and turn to trying to kill people.

My feeling is we have to be braver, stronger, and more vocal than ever before.

Office buildings and The Shard near London Bridge.

Where I’ve been in May.

London, baby! Living the highlife behind my laptop, coming up occasionally for air or a walk in the park with friends. 🙂 I even got out to pretty Oxford for a day to meet up with the lovely founder of Mahouts Elephant Foundation, whom I visited in Thailand last year.

May Highlight.

Attending the Jaipur Literature Festival in London! This world famous festival which takes place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, each February held an event in London too this year. I was lucky enough to be able to attend several talks, including the travel panel, and hear Monisha Rajesh read from her “Around the World in 80 Trains” book, amongst others!

May Summary Soul Travel Blog

The Spires of Oxford. Photo Alison Day / Flickr

May not-so-Highlight.

May has been uneventful for me in terms of travel. I wish I could say as much for goings-on and news headlines in the wider world. I believe more strongly than ever that as travellers we have a huge responsibility to connect with other cultures as we travel and to show that there is so much peace and good will out there.

May Blog Posts.

Other May Posts.

Thanks to the following publications for also featuring my words this month:

Instagram Post of the Month.

The Welsh Highland Railway, in North Wales. I was lucky to have such clear blue skies for my explorations in this part of the world! If you want to see more please subscribe to my new YouTube Channel!

Where Next?

I’ll be taking the train over to Amsterdam in June to have the chance to speak to some very inspirational sustainable travel startups who are part of Booking.com (my former employer)’s Sustainable Travel Booster Programme. Later on in the month I’ll be heading over to Bristol, in the West of the UK, before preparing for my travel in July.

Beyond June, I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be going to Iran in July with G Adventures (visas permitting of course – which is not a straight forward process this time around…)

As usual I’ll be sharing my travels with you in my blog posts and on Facebook and Instagram.

May Summary Soul Travel Blog

A warm welcome at G Adventures’ London offices, who I’ll be going to Iran with in July.

Thank You for Reading!

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