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Recapping October.

October has been home-time! I’ve been able to explore a little more of the UK – it’s one of my favourite times of year to be home, go for long walks, and see the changing colour of the falling leaves, and hear them scrunching under my feet. Even for the cold-averse (like me!) I’ve found plenty of joy in seeing a bit of autumn in the UK.

Seeing as the cold is coming, it seems that it’s only fitting to begin migrating south again! So it’s also been time to prepare for my next trips, and I’ve been hanging out at a few embassies (more on that below). I sometimes think embassies are pretty good of what to expect from visiting a country… not from the amount of paperwork and bureaucratic procedures, but from the friendliness of the people (from that country) that you meet there. What do you think?

soul travel blog October summary 2017

Enjoying blue skies and autumn leaves in London.

Where I’ve been in October.

  • London, UK – working hard 🙂
  • Manchester, UK – exploring the UK’s second city and surroundings.

October Highlight.

Discovering some of London’s newest eco-friendly tourism attractions! Just this last week, I went to visit the Walthamstow Wetlands which has just opened. It makes for a great outing if you feel in need of an escape from the city, some fresh air, a chance to reconnect with a bit of nature, or just enjoy being out in open spaces.

Part of the larger Walthamstow Marshes area, the Wetlands are made up of a series of water reservoirs and are a great spot to see birds and other water-wildlife. I found it amazing to see the variety of birds that come and settle in the wetlands in what feels like a semi-rural setting in the centre of the city. Cycling and walking around the wetlands is encouraged (but dogs aren’t allowed – I guess they might upset the birds…). The best way to get there from central London is to hop on the Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale.

soul travel blog October summary 2017

Geese flying over the reservoirs in the wetlands.

soul travel blog October summary 2017

Every good walk needs a pub at the end of it…? This one is just opposite the Walthamstow Wetlands.

My second highlight was getting to explore Manchester and some more of the Peak District. I’d been to the Peak District before, but never actually spent much time in Manchester. As a “Southerner” I used to have a less-than-favourable impression of Manchester, but I was really pleasantly surprised by what this city has to offer. I particularly loved the city’s northern quarter, which is full of independently run cafes, bars and shops.

I also got time to enjoy some more walks in the Peak District National Park in neighbouring Derbyshire. Just a short journey from Manchester (30 mins by car / train) this is a completely different world and a chance to see some of England’s most dramatic landscapes.

soul travel blog October summary 2017

The ‘wilder’ side of the UK.

soul travel blog October summary 2017

Which way? Ask the sheep…

October not-so-Highlight.

Much as I loved my time in Manchester and the Peak District, I think it stopped raining for about 3 hours total out of the long weekend! Earlier in the year I enjoyed walking in the Peak District in blazing sunshine, this time I was nearly getting blown off the edge of hills! All part of enjoying the great British outdoors 🙂 .

soul travel blog October summary 2017

What this picture does not show.. is the 70mph winds!!

October Sustainable Travel Rating.

Seeing as stayed in the UK and have only travelled by public transport I think I’ve done pretty well this month!

October Blog Posts.

After seven years of living there, I finally got around to writing a sustainable travel guide to Amsterdam. Better late than never?!

soul travel blog October summary 2017

The pretty village of Castleton, Derbyshire.

Other October Posts / Mentions

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Instagram Post of the Month.

The beautiful Golden Temple, Amritsar, India – is a shining example (literally) of the kindness that exists in the world. The temple is largely run by volunteers, and each day over 100,000 people – of all religions and backgrounds – are fed Lungar (a basic meal) in the Gurudwara. It’s a sight to behold!

Where Next?

I’m about to start packing my bags to head back East! I’ll be basing myself in Goa, India for the coming few months as I plan to explore more of the subcontinent and Middle East. I’ll be heading to Bangladesh by train from India early December (visa permitting!) and can’t wait to see what one of Asia’s less-explored countries has in store. The reports look promising… 🙂 Stay tuned on my Instagram Stories and Facebook for the latest!

In the meantime, if you’ve got suggestions, tips for my travels or requests of places you’d like me to write about, please get in touch!

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