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Off Beat Bali – 7 Unique Places to Visit

by Ellie Cleary

Bali is one of Asia’s best loved destinations, so finding off-beat spots can be a little tricky! Here are some of our suggestions for experiencing the best of Bali – with fewer crowds! 

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Offbeat and unique places to visit in Bali

We live in a very interesting and intriguing planet where every place has its own unique characteristics which makes it different from the others. In fact, some people make the effort to explore offbeat things in foreign lands and get a serious thrill out of experiencing the extraordinary.

If I was to pick a destination which fulfilled my criteria for the unusual and unique, I would consider Bali as a hot favourite.

Not only Bali is scenic and beautiful, tucked away from the party spots of Kuta and Seminyak are some wonderful hidden spots not to be found elsewhere and blissfully free of the crowds – in case you need an extra reason to start browsing for flights to Bali!

rice paddies in bali

Experience the unpredictable blowhole of Musa Dua

Every day at high tide, not very far from the Musa Dua beach, is a spot where one can feel the raw force of Mother Nature in this natural phenomenon. Very few people are aware of this, but there is a path which takes one along the sheer cliff faces and see the water being literally blown up skywards by the force of the strong currents. At times the waves are so unpredictable, that the area is cordoned off for visitors.A strongly recommended attraction to visit at least once when in Nusa Dua.

Hunt for abandoned airplanes

Weird as it may seem, places around Bali are strewn with models of different aircrafts ranging from large commercial jets to small airplanes, all in a state of neglect. Tourists can simply hop on a rented motorbike and get up to these aeronautical beauties, which were once assumed to be of tourism importance, but have been surprisingly neglected for no palpable reason. Even Kuta has a Boeing 737 lying 500 m away from Benoa Square, as has Bukit Peninsula and Gate 88 Mall.

Discover submerged statues at Nusa Lembongan

There is an excellent temple garden in the islands of Penida and Lembongan which can be accessed from Sanur or Padang Bai by boat. Here one can snorkel in the waters of the temple garden and discover some hidden treasures like, underwater statues of Buddha which have remained submerged for hundreds of years.The variety of marine life which can be seen here makes the trip all the more exciting.

Visit a skull shrine

If you hire a motorbike from Bali, head towards the eastern part of Mt. Batur and you will come across the mountain village of Trunyan. The after death rituals practiced here were said to be not only weird but quite horrifying. Instead of burials, dead bodies were placed in cages and left to rot and decay under the canopy of a massive banyan tree, which actually muffled the stench. Once the flesh had completely gone from the body, the skulls would then be carefully cleaned and placed at the foot of the tree to form a shrine.

nusa penida bali

Explore underground tunnels

Once you arrive in Nusa Penida from the mainland by boat, just rent a scooter to see the neighbouring sights. Ask for directions to Pasih Uug Beach or Broken Beach to witness some unique tunnels on the cliff face. Formed over thousands of years due to the constant water erosion, a walk in these underground tunnels will make for an amazing experience. Avoid the place during high tides as these structures would almost certainly get submerged, thereby creating an uncalled for risk.

Get a glimpse of Balinese culture

Bali is famed for its rich and colourful culture, and Penglipuran is a village in Bangli, East Bali, where people still adopt the ancient and traditional values in society. Surrounded by coffee plantations and dense forests of bamboo, a visit to this village showcases the true way of life of the locals. The village architecture is also unique, in that each house has a small family compound, kitchen with wood fire hearths and a split entrance of uniform design.

Nature at its Best

The only habitat of the endemic Bali Sterling, the West Bali National Park covers an impressive area of over 19,000 hectares in Gilimanuk province of Bali. The northern part of the park includes the island of Menjangan, a great diving and snorkeling site with no crowds and aptly protected by coral reefs. The barren savannah landscape is home to almost 300 species of flora and fauna and a variety of birds. A few resorts have sprung up to escape from the tourist hordes and experience the nature of Bali in the best possible way.

Adventurous souls are sure to discover their own slice of paradise, once they endeavour to get out of the touristy areas. While some are easily accessible, others are located in remote areas but all have one thing in common-heaven. Once you get away from the chaotic bustle of the cities, the natural and unique beauty of Bali will automatically unfold before you.

Getting to Bali

With connections from all across Asia and beyond, Bali has never been easier to get to. Many airlines offer great deals to Bali such as Jetstar – you can book Jetstar flights online or subscribe to your preferred airline for notifications of when routes go on sale!

Have you been to Bali? Did you find any off-beat spots? Let us know in the comments below! 

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