Soul Travel Oracle Readings

The truth of your journey awaits.


Soul Travel Oracle Readings

Do you want to know what your upcoming travels have in store?

Are you trying to choose between 2 or more destinations?

Do you want to plan the journey of a lifetime?

A Soul Travel Oracle reading helps you plan your dream trip by tapping into intuitive guidance and messages that want to support you on your journey.

Through the use of oracle and astrocartography (that is, looking at the astrological energies in different locations around the world according to your own natal chart) - we will tap in to what your future travels hold and how to use the energies available for your highest good.

I loved Ellie's reading because it confirmed my instincts while expanding my perceptions about the country I wanted to visit. The reading was as gentle as it was powerful, and it allowed me to really feel confident about my choice. This session is a beautiful journey in itself - highly recommended!

— Charlotte M

Book Your Soul Travel Oracle Reading

This 1 hour session is held via Zoom and includes the use of oracle and astrocartography (please note, you'll need to know your time of birth for astrocartography) to tap into the energies available for your travels and answer questions about your travel planning.

Perfect for if you're trying to choose between several destinations, aren't sure if it's the right time, or even if you're planning a trip or retreat for others and want to know which location is going to be most supportive.

Whatever your travel question, we'll tap into the wisdom that is here for you.

Your Investment: $222


Hi, I'm Ellie...

... and travel lives in my bones. It's brought me to my greatest truths, the most soul-stirring of moments, and most importantly, travel has bought me home.

I believe that travel is as much about the inner journey as the outer one, and can be one of the most powerful spiritual tools in our cauldrons.

Based in Sussex in the UK, I've lived in the Netherlands, India and Canada, and travelled to over 50 countries around the world. I am honoured to be here as your guide as your own adventures unfold and you answer the call of the places that whisper your name.

If you're ready to discover the magic of travel and what awaits you on your journey, it would be my joy to support you.


Disclaimer: All readings are provided for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for travel planning, research and organisation. Oracle and Astrocartography readings are a powerful tool but are not an exact science, and interpretations will vary. Use your own good sense, research and judgement when planning your travel.