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Brand Advocacy through Soul Travel Blog

Are you a hotel/accommodation, tour operator or travel company that embraces and promotes responsible /sustainable travel? Soul Travel Blog partners with companies who take responsible travel seriously and helps communicate about the good work being done to travellers.

In the jungle of (online) travel information, it can be far too complicated for travellers to work out what the ethical options in a destination are, and this is where Soul Travel Blog comes in. Soul Travel Blog’s readers are people who are well travelled and want to experience more of the world, enjoy the finer things in life, but also care about their impact on the world.

Soul Travel Blog offers cooperation opportunities for:

  • Brand Campaigns/Ambassadorships – through blog posts and Social Media
  • Reviews of sustainable accommodations, tours, and other travel products
  • Sponsored blog and social media posts
  • Social media “takeovers”
  • Affiliate opportunities
  • Interviews & public speaking

Contact me directly using the form below to request a current version of my media kit!


Soul Travel Consulting

I haven’t always been a blogger. With 12 years experience in the hospitality (hotels) and travel industry, with 7 of those working for the world’s largest hotel booking site, I’m leveraging my travel industry know-how to work with brands that want to see their commitment to sustainable travel produce results.

Are you a hotel, travel website, tour company or booking agent that is working towards sustainability in travel? Do you want to take your business forward? If so, I can help in the following areas:

  • Online marketing for eco friendly hotels and resorts is my area of expertise
  • Distribution strategy
  • Content marketing & creation
  • Communications & social media for sustainable tourism
  • SEO and website optimisation

Please contact me directly using the form below to submit your enquiry.

You can either email me directly at: Info[AT]SoulTravelBlog[DOT]com or use the following contact form.